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proInsight Conversations
Our stunning one-day national programme builds confidence and competence in purposeful, authentic conversations enabling your managers and frontline staff to improve outcomes throughout your business. Critically evaluated and shown to drive productivity improvements, you will not be disappointed in our company-wide implementations. Also available as an open development event.

proInsight Collaboration
Outstanding achievement is a result of talented people working effectively in concert. These skills, often neglected, can make the difference between a project’s success and its failure. Working with us, you will learn how to bring more effective solutions online more quickly.

proInsight Talent Management
Our award-winning consultants are able to create a fit-for-purpose approach from performance and potential tools to integrated calibration sessions and succession plans to board preparedness that ensure that your business has the resilience for the future.

proInsight Action Thinking
Action Thinking is a structured way to help teams think and act more effectively. It enables teams to capitalise on the intellect and temperament of individual team members and harness the collective power of the team to achieve better outcomes. Proven models for systematic and comprehensive thinking will enable your managers to resolve the most complex problems and situations.

proInsight Self
This is the high quality residential event for individuals which blends business-proven review and planning processes with personal reflective time. Working independently or in a mix of groups and in guided workshops, our facilitators enable you to gain insight into the things that matter, helping you plan and create a better future.

proInsight Outplacement

Our complete range of workshops, tools and techniques to assist you and your staff address the challenges of career change. You can choose between a tailored corporate and an ‘open’ event for individuals; both provide the support and direction required during this critical transition.

proInsight Leadership
Building on established models, we focus on creating effective business leaders with critical skills. Through dynamic and engaging tailored approaches to both individuals and teams, we support development which impacts the bottom line.

proInsight Change

We all know the cliché of the only constant being change, yet so often the role of the individual is neglected. We enable your team and your wider business to navigate the journey from resistance through acceptance to anchoring which supports your business plan and aligns staff with your strategy.

proInsight Competency
Competency frameworks are the building blocks which provide a route to structured recruitment, induction, performance management and other business-critical processes. Key to their effectiveness is ensuring that they aid the business and management instead of so-often getting in the way. We provide a complete suite of services from review, to design and development of aligned competency frameworks which demonstrably add value to your business.

proInsight Assessment

It is imperative that every appointment counts, particularly when research shows that it can take six months for a senior executive external hire and 12 weeks for an external administrator hire to reach full productivity. Whether recruiting or promoting during these challenging times, we can provide bespoke and off-the-shelf activities which will ensure that you to select the right people first time for your business.

proInsight Coaching
Our person-to-person techniques in the workplace assist in the development of individuals' knowledge, skills and attitudes and thereby develop your organisation. At proInsight, we have a range of coaches suited to you, from senior executives to occupational psychologists, all able to build an effective coaching relationship.

proInsight Development

We have a wealth of proven tools and processes to provide data to build individual and group effectiveness. We ensure that you create a flexible talent pipeline from junior managers to top teams, high potentials to business leaders which can respond to the unexpected.

proInsight Consulting and Interim Management
We deploy our business consultants and interims with strong research, analysis and judgement skills here in the UK, Europe and worldwide to get to the heart of your business challenges.


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