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At the heart of the proInsight Self process is time. Quality time to review your situation, open your mind and evolve an effective plan to help create the future you want.

· Quality environment
· Business-tested processes
· Personal reflective time
· Professional course leaders
· Personal action plans
· Effective change


Our process starts about a month before attendance at one of our residential centres. We assist you in gathering contributions about yourself from a handful of your carefully chosen friends, colleagues or others in a confidential manner sensitive both to you and them.

You will also complete some pre-work which, together with the earlier information is processed to be available for you during this residential workshop.

The workshop is central to enabling you to take stock. Over three days, through the use of more tools and techniques plus the valuable contributions of your fellow participants, you start to build an understanding of your strengths, weaknesses and personal preferences.

With the professional guidance of your course leaders, you start to address some key issues, make key decisions and plan for the future. Interspersed with this structured programme is the less formal time for reflection and opening one’s mind to new possibilities. Popular interludes have included after-dinner talks, treasure hunt, winetasting and music.

Armed with your  new plan, you leave the workshop and start the journey. Maintaining the momentum is important, so about a month later, you’ll return to a residential review meeting to hear from other delegates about their progress, problems, solutions and successes, further hone your plans and put them into action.

Typical proInsight Self timescales
1 month before – Gather others’ contributions
3 weeks before – Complete your own pre-work
Workshop – Attend our residential event
1 month later  – Attend our review event

You’ve taken years to get here, we’re not going to rush you now.

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